The Telltale Signs She Likes You

The Telltale Signs She Likes You

Recognizing Nonverbal Cues

Look out for nonverbal indications of friendliness. If a girl likes you, she'll face you instead of the other way around. A girl's torso will naturally turn toward you when she is relaxed and talking to you. She may be too shy or nervous to talk to you if her arms or legs are crossed, or she may be trying to create a barrier to signal that she is uninterested. If she crosses her legs while she's sitting, make sure you check on her feet [1]. If her fingers are pointing in your direction, it could mean that she enjoys being around you and wants to do so more often. Unlike when she's around a stranger, a girl who likes you won't cross her arms and will instead stand physically closer to you. Everyone's upbringing and character traits are different, so don't take it personally if she doesn't feel the same way about you. [3]

Maintain constant eye contact. You can tell if a girl likes you by the length of time she stares at you after you make eye contact with her, or by how quickly she looks away. If she uses either of these phrases, she may have feelings for you. She likes you even if she acts distant at first; her anxiety or reluctance to reveal her true feelings could be to blame. A girl's pupils may dilate toward you if she likes you, but this is a very subtle sign.

If you return a girl's gaze when she gives it to you, she may be interested in you.

Keep an eye out for indications of her desire for physical contact. Touching is a clear but not overtly sexual form of flirtation that a girl may use if she likes you. It's an excellent indicator of a woman's interest in you. If she finds you funny, she might touch you gently, such as by brushing her hand over your shoulder or placing her hand on your knee.

Not all women will feel comfortable reaching out for a handshake. She may like you even if she isn't overtly showing it through physical means. Perhaps her fear is holding her back. If you have feelings for her, don't be shy about touching her to gauge her interest.

Other forms of physical contact, such as a light punch to the arm, may also be employed. Attempts to act like “one of the mates” in order to get closer to you may not be so subtle if your friends or hers catch on. Be on the lookout for any spontaneous bear hugs. If you're the one she spontaneously embraces the most, this is vital information. She can sneak up on you and give you a hug without giving away her game. If you feel the same way, go ahead and give her another hug; otherwise, politely decline.

Figuring out Other Flirtation Cues

See if you can catch her mimicking your moves. If you notice a girl doing something you just did, like raking her fingers through your hair, she may be unconsciously trying to imitate you. It might be a hint that she has feelings for you. Be on the lookout for any indications that she is touching her hair. A girl might run her fingers through her hair, or even brush it back, as a way to flirt with you. [4]

Watch for signs of nervousness, such as fidgeting. When a girl likes you, she might touch her lips, collarbone, or neck to catch your eye. There's a chance she'll even apply lipstick in your presence. [5] Check to see if she smiles at you. This may be her way of telling you that she trusts you and enjoys being in your company. How amused a girl is with your jokes is an indication of her level of interest in you (regardless of how funny they actually are).

Keep the big picture in mind. When trying to decipher a girl's body language, remember that your interpretation will vary based on the context. A girl flirting with you might touch your arm briefly as you talk together. One possible exception to this would be if she tapped you on the shoulder quickly to get your attention and let you know that your friend was looking for you.

Clearly Stating Your Desires

Accept compliments. If a girl compliments you, it's a good sign that she likes you. It's possible that this is her way of trying to make you feel desired. She might tell you that you look great, asking questions like “do you play sports?” or “wow, your eyes are really something special.”

Look at how her friends respond. It's likely that she's told her friends about you if they're all staring at you with grins or giggles. One of your friends might have feelings for you, and your friend might be the one to tell you about it. If you walk in on her and her pals while they are mid-conversation, they may abruptly stop. The last conversation that petered out probably centred on you.

Mind her sartorial preferences. Women are generally more concerned with making a good fashion impression on the men they like. She might wear something revealing or put on lipstick if she wants to get your attention.

Women have their own individual sense of style, and not all of them will try to dress a certain way to attract the attention of a potential romantic interest. But if the girl you like starts dressing up for you, she might be trying to make a good impression.

If someone teases you in a playful way, think twice before reacting negatively. A girl who has feelings for you might make light of some of the things you've said or done. Teasing can be as subtle as pointing out that a joke you told wasn't funny, as humorous as making fun of an article of clothing, or as accusatory as implying that you're trying too hard to make up for something you're not good at.