Instructions for How To Removing a Clothing Security Tag

Rubber bands are used.

It is necessary to invert the tag so that the ink cartridge is now on the back. The protruding portion of the tag is where the ink cartridge is located. It's on the tag's circular side opposite the pin.

The tagged area must be cut away from the rest of the garment. In the unfortunate event that the sensor fails, you can simply move it further away from your clothing to lessen the potential damage from the ink.

A rubber band can conceal the security tag pin. The rubber band must be wide and thick enough to be long-lasting, but narrow enough to fit around the pin. If you do this, you'll be able to take out the pin. The main body of the ink tag can be held with one hand.

Pull the pin out with your free hand. The pins' impact should be enough to dislodge the pin from the tag or make the pin pop off. Use two or three rubber bands if the first one doesn't work.

With the Aid of a Screwdriver

Place the garment ink-side up on the floor. Take a small flathead screwdriver and pry the corner of the square pyramid to reveal the hidden compartment. The pressure must be applied heavily. It should sever the plastic and allow you to lift it with this. Make sure all of the plastic has popped up. Get rid of the silvery paper. You'll be able to see the metal sheet underneath. In order to remove the pin, you will need to pry up one of the metal arms holding it in place. To get rid of the tag, just slide the pin. Tag removal is now possible thanks to the exposed hole through which the pin can be slid.

Magnetic Repulsion

You need to get your hands on a powerful magnet. Due to electromagnetic devices in stores disabling most tags, a hard drive magnet or rare earth magnet can be used to disable tags. When using the magnet, make sure the dome side of the tag is facing up. The tag's magnet can be detached by pulling on it (step 2). The tag should be cut in half horizontally. If they don't separate on their own, you may need to use force. For example, to take out the pin from a back of a security tag. [3]

Tag Freezing

Frozen is the garment with the tag attached. If you want the best results from freezing the garment, do so the night before. Peel off the label. Rubber bands, hands, and pliers are all viable options. Ink cannot run when it is frozen, so any mistakes you make will remain intact. Simply pull the tag away from the garment several times and it will come off. Repeat this process about ten times to loosen the pin. Find a big nail. Nail heads should be larger than a penny, and the nail itself should be longer than the tag.

Get rid of the label. Leave the long plastic piece of the tag hanging. To remove the ink cartridge, press down on it. Carefully strike the ink cartridge until it pops open, but don't use too much force. It's possible that you'll need twenty or more tries before you get it right. Be careful not to hit it too hard or the tag could be damaged.

A Perfect Tag

The security tag should be kept with the ink cartridge side facing up. Pliers should be used to grab the tag along one of its longer sides and pull it off. Use a second pair of pliers to secure the tag on the reverse side. In order to gently fold down each side of the tag, pliers must be used. You can see the ink leaking out of the cracks if you bend the tag too far. Until it opens, keep bending. The pin, hopefully, will become dislodged and fall out as a result. Instead of an ink pouch, a modern tag has an electro-magnet inside. Put something in between the tag and the pin's head to give yourself some room to work with.

The tag has a dome shape; the top should be scorched with a lighter. Because it's made of plastic, it will probably catch fire after only a few seconds of being exposed to flame. To divide the dome in two, use a knife or other cutting tool to sever its two halves.

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