How to Shave Your Genitals

How to Shave Your Genitals

  • Trimming Pubic Hair for Men

Make sure the electric clippers' guard is set to its lowest possible setting. Hair clippers can be used, but grooming clippers are preferable due to the delicate nature of the pubic region. When using the clippers with the shortest guard setting, your hair should measure no more than 0.125 inches (3.2 millimetres) in length. [1]

Never attempt a full pubic shave without first trimming the hair, as the coarse, curly strands will get caught in the razor and yanked out painfully.If you want to trim (rather than shave) your pubic hair, you can use a higher guard setting.For an even closer shave, you could do without the guard altogether. However, this increases the risk of nicks, cuts, irritation, and infection.[2]

Gently run the clippers over the hair that frames your privates. Maintain an erect stance, grip the clippers in your dominant hand, and use your free hand to move your penis and scrotum out of the way, if necessary. The pubic hair should be snipped in the direction of growth, which is usually downward, just above the penis. [3]If trimming the hair is difficult, try pulling your skin taut with your free hand.If you put one leg at a time on a chair, the toilet lid, or the side of the tub, you may find it easier to work.

Do your best to get rid of all the hair that has grown in your scrotum and penis. After you've finished shaving or waxing the area around your genitalia, if necessary you can trim the hairs from the penis by gliding the clippers very slowly along the penis' shaft. Trim the hair from your scrotum carefully, using your free hand to expose a small section at a time. [4]

Create fairly flat, taut areas of skin with your free hand when you shave your scrotum. If you don't, the flappy skin on your scrotum could get caught in the clippers and get cut. If your penis is standing straight, you may find it less of a struggle to shave.

  • Shaving the Trimmed Pubic Hair

If you don't have clippers, a comb and scissors will do. Slide the comb's teeth into a small section of hair, starting at the hair's perimeter near your pubic area. Keep the comb flat against your skin and move counter to the direction of hair growth. Cut off the hair that is sticking out past the comb's teeth with sharp scissors before moving on to the next section. [5]

Trim the hair from your scrotum and penis using the same method.In this case, sharp scissors are ideal, but you must take extreme caution not to nick the skin, as this can quickly lead to an infection.[6]Don't use the scissors or comb for anything else, and afterward, give them a good rubbing with alcohol. The likelihood of an STD or other infection spreading is diminished.

Take a five-minute dip in a hot tub. By relaxing your skin and hair, warm water makes it simpler for the razor to cut individual hairs close to their roots. Although a hot bath is preferable, even a warm shower can help. [7]If you soak for longer than 10 minutes, you risk having your skin swell, making it harder to shave.After you've shaved your pubic region with electric grooming clippers, relax in the tub.

Rub shave cream into your pubic hair. Body hair can be shaved with regular shaving cream, a shaving gel made for the purpose, or nothing at all. For a full two minutes, massage it into your hair using your hands. Incorporating a light massage into your routine will help the product penetrate deeper, resulting in softer hair and smoother skin. [8]

Use a shaving cream applicator brush if you prefer. Yet, you shouldn't use the same brush on your face and your body if you want to avoid the spread of sexually transmitted diseases or other infections.

Use light, even strokes to shave the area around your genitalia. To facilitate access to the groyne area, stand in the bathtub or another elevated area. Keep a clean razor in your dominant hand and adjust your genitalia as needed with the other hand so that you can shave the hair around your penis and scrotum. Glide the razor over the hair in the direction of hair growth with even pressure. [9]Make sure the blade is free of hair and shaving cream by rinsing the razor with clean water every two to three strokes.

When using a dull razor, extra pressure is required, increasing the risk of cuts and irritation. Only use a clean, sharp razor. Neither your face nor any other part of your body should be shaved with this razor.

  • Other Pubic Hair Removal Options for Men

If you want a closer shave, you should pull the skin taut, but you should be careful not to irritate or cut the skin. To reduce stubble and get a closer shave, use your free hand to pull the skin around your genitalia taut. The risk of skin irritation, nicks, and cuts is increased, however, when shaving is done so closely. Infections can result from these. [10]

Shaving closely around the genitalia can also lead to the spread of sexually transmitted infections because of the risk of nicks and cuts.[11]To sum up, don't worry about getting a close shave if you don't mind a little “5 o'clock shadow” in that area.

Be careful when shaving, and do so only if absolutely necessary. You'll probably get some nicks and cuts if you try to shave here, as the skin is very sensitive. Use your free hand to flatten out small sections, and then glide the razor over them with smooth, even strokes, applying as little pressure as you need. [12]

If you're not dead set on having a completely smooth “down there,” then use the clippers only on your penis and scrotum.Are you considering whether or not to shave your penis? It's your decision whether or not to shave, as it's a personal hygiene matter. It's estimated that around 19% of men become completely hairless in the pubic region. Only about a quarter of women (24%) prefer a hairless sexual partner, while about 60% of men (60%) feel the same way. [13]

After washing and drying the affected area, apply a soothing balm or lotion. After you're done shaving, give your groyne a thorough rinsing with plenty of clean, warm water. After that, dry it with a clean, soft towel. Apply a mild aftershave lotion or balm that contains no alcohol and has no added fragrance. If you follow these steps, you'll lessen your odds of getting an infection or irritation. [14]

Aloe vera or baby oil can also be used as an alternative aftershave.[15]If you get a rash or irritation after shaving, try soaking in a warm bath for 5-10 minutes at least once a day, drying the affected area thoroughly before applying aftershave. Consult your doctor about over-the-counter (OTC) topical treatments (such as hydrocortisone creams) if you haven't already. If you have a high temperature, a severe rash, or open wounds that are bleeding or oozing, you should see a doctor right away.

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