How to Remove a Security Tag from Clothing

  • Using Rubber Bands

Flip the tag over so that the ink cartridge is facing down. The part of the tag that sticks out of the plastic is the ink cartridge. It's on the round portion of the tag that faces away from the pin.

You need to separate the tagged section from the rest of the garment. Should the sensor break, you can move it further away from your clothing to minimise the damage the ink will do.

The security tag pin can be covered with a rubber band. The rubber band needs to be big and thick enough to be durable, but skinny enough to go around the pin. In doing so, you will be able to remove the pin. A single hand should be used to hold the ink tag's main body.

With your other hand, remove the pin. The force of the pins should be sufficient to separate the pin from the tag or cause the pin to pop off. If one rubber band isn't enough to get it loose, try using two or three.


  • Using a Screwdriver

Get the garment down on the floor, ink cartridge side up. Use a thin flathead screwdriver to pry up the corner of the square pyramid.Apply heavy pressure. This ought to slash through the plastic and lift it. Make sure the plastic is fully popped up around the edges. Toss out the shiny silver paper. The metal plate beneath it will be visible.One of the metal arms holding the pin in place can be pried up with a screwdriver.Remove the tag by sliding the pin. You can now remove the tag by sliding the pin through the unblocked hole.


  • Using a Magnet

Get your hands on a strong magnet. Since most tags are disabled in stores by electromagnetic devices, you can use a hard drive magnet or a rare earth magnet. [1]Use the magnet with the tag's dome side facing up.[2]Remove the magnet from the tag by pulling on it. You should break up the tag's two halves. In the event that they don't break apart on their own, you should use some force. To remove the pin from the back of a security tag, for instance. [3]


  • Freezing the Tag

The tag-wearing garment should be frozen. The garment should be frozen overnight for optimal results. Tear off the label. You can use a rubber band, your hands, or pliers. If you make a mistake, the ink won't run because it can't run when it's frozen.The tag can be removed from the garment by gently pulling it away from the garment several times. Try it about ten times to get the pin loosened up a little. Obtain a substantial nail. The nail's head should be wider than a penny and longer than the tag.

Take the tag off the garment. Keep the tag's long plastic section out to the side. Press the ink cartridge down until it releases. The ink cartridge can be opened by striking it repeatedly until it pops open, but be careful not to use too much force. There's a chance it'll take twenty or more tries before you succeed. Do not strike it too harshly, or the tag may break.


  • Hitting the Tag

Keep the ink cartridge side of the security tag facing up. To remove the tag, a pair of pliers should be used to grasp it on one of its longer sides. Grip the tag on the other side with a separate set of pliers.Use the pliers to gently fold down each side of the tag. If you bend the tag too far, ink will leak out of the cracks. Do not stop bending until it opens. With any luck, this will cause the pin to become loose and fall out.Breaking open a modern tag reveals an electro-magnet rather than an ink pouchAdd some space by inserting something between the tag and the pin's head.

Use a lighter to scorch the tag's dome-shaped top. After a few seconds of burning, it's likely to catch fire because it's plastic. Cut the dome in half using a knife or other sharp instrument.


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