How to Make Out

How to Make Out

Beginning the Pout-Party

[1] Make eye contact with your kissing partner and flash a small smile to signal that you're ready to get down and dirty. To prepare for a kiss, you can lean your forehead against your partner's, touch their face or leg, or even kiss them briefly on the lips. Doing so helps establish a rapport and primes your partner for a kiss, which is preferable to swooping in unexpectedly. [2]

Carefully and slowly make your way forward. You can't overlook this fact. Take it easy at first and when switching positions to avoid accidental headbutts, elbows, and clattering teeth. As time goes on, you can begin incorporating more passionate kissing techniques, but they can only be maintained for so long. Stay at a steady, relaxed pace at all times. French kissing entails beginning with a traditional lip lock and then slowly inserting one's tongue into the mouth of one's partner. [3]

Keep your fingers busy. This is not an excuse to wildly paw your kissing partner every time you get the chance. If you don't keep your hands in a neat little pile in your lap, you'll feel much more at ease when kissing. Once you and your kissing partner are at ease, it's a good idea to explore different parts of each other's bodies (if that's what you're into, of course). This is especially true if you're sitting. Don't let your hands get stuck in one position for too long by making sure to switch them up every so often. You could also try holding hands, cupping their face, or touching their waist. [6]

Preserving Interest

Commune a little. You can keep the conversation going with just a few words. However, now is not the time to initiate a serious discussion. During the makeout, a simple phrase spoken softly, along with eye contact and a smile, can convey a sense of intimacy that words alone could not. If you want to say something, go ahead and do so, as long as it doesn't kill the mood. [7]

Maintain a light tone. It's not like in a movie, where everything is scripted and predetermined. You can read all the rules you want, but the fact remains that there will be some awkward moments between the two of you. If something uncomfortable does happen, you can fix it with a little laughter and a push. Making out is about having a good time as much as it is about getting sexually aroused. [9] [10]

Make your partner the focus of passionate cheek-to-cheek kisses on the face and neck. Alternate how often you kiss by pulling away from their lips. Please take your time. Your lips could easily smash into their nose if you move too quickly and they don't have time to react. Move your lips slowly from the corner of their mouth to the side of their jaw. You can work your way up to your partner's temples and forehead, or you can work your way down to their neck.

Decreasing in Activity

If you need a break from kissing, tell your partner. After a passionate makeout session, you and your partner can either continue to sex it up or call it a night. If you've decided to stop kissing or take a break, gently pull away from your partner after giving them a passionate final kiss. You need not bring things to a sudden close. If you're feeling fatigued or know that you need to leave soon, you should begin to extricate yourself carefully, one body part at a time.

Feel free to express your appreciation for your kissing partner. A big hug, final kiss, beaming grin, or affirmative words like “That was amazing” or “I love kissing you” can go a long way toward reassuring your partner that he or she did a good job. If you're sincere, a simple “I love you so much” will do the trick. That special someone of yours needs to feel assured and happy about what just occurred so that it can occur again.

Don't give your kissing partner everything they want. As you're breaking up from your makeout session, check to see if there will be a follow-up. Maintain your sexiness and affection for your kissing partner after you're done making passionate love to them. You can end the conversation on a positive note by saying you hope to see each other again soon, or you can send a sweet text message reiterating what a good time you had together.