How to Know if a Girl Likes You

Understanding Body Language Cues

Be on the lookout for friendly nonverbal cues. A girl who likes you will turn her body to face you. When a girl is comfortable talking to you, her torso will naturally turn toward you. If she is in a closed body position, such as with her arms or legs crossed, she may be too shy or nervous to talk to you, or she may be trying to create a barrier to signal that she is uninterested. Keep an eye on her feet [1] when she is sitting with her legs crossed. It could be a sign that she likes you and wants to spend more time with you if her fingers are pointing in your direction.

 [2] If a girl likes you, she'll stand closer to you and use less defensive posture (by not crossing her arms, for example) than she would around a stranger. Don't take it as a sign she's not into you if this isn't the case; everyone's personality and upbringing is unique. [3]

Focus on making eye contact. When your eyes meet a girl's, she will either look at you intently for a few seconds or quickly look away if she has feelings for you. She might like you if she says either of these things. If she quickly withdraws, it could be because she is nervous or isn't ready to reveal her true intentions, but she still likes you.Although it will be difficult to tell, a girl's pupils may enlarge if she likes you.

When a girl gives you the eye, it may be a sign that she is interested in you if you receive eye contact in return.Watch for signs that she wants to be physically close to you. If a girl likes you, she might try to touch you, which is a clear but not overtly sexual form of flirtation. It's a great way for a girl to gauge how receptive you are. She may lightly brush your shoulder or hands with hers, or she may place her hand on your knee, all because she finds you amusing.

Not every girl will feel safe extending her hand for a touch. Just because she isn't physically flirting with you doesn't mean she doesn't like you. It's possible that her anxiety prevents her from doing so. Don't be bashful if you're interested in her; try touching her and seeing how she reacts.

She may find other ways to physically interact with you, such as giving you a gentle punch in the arm. These “one of the mates” moves can be a thinly veiled attempt to get closer to you without your friends or hers noticing.You should keep an eye out for any impromptu hugs. This is crucial if you are the primary recipient of her spontaneous embraces. She can get closer to you and touch you in a friendly, affectionate way by giving you a hug without giving away her stealthy flirting tactics. If you feel the same way, give her another hug, but if you don't want to give the wrong impression, politely decline.

Picking up on Other Signs of Flirting

Check to see if she imitates your actions. A girl may be unconsciously mimicking your actions if you catch her doing something you just did, like running her fingers through your hair after you did it. If she likes you, this could be a sign.Keep an eye out for signs that she is fiddling with her hair. Sometimes a girl will brush her hair back or run her fingers through it as a way to flirt with you. [4]

Keep an eye out for fidgeting or other indications of nervousness. A girl who likes you will touch her lips, collarbone, or neck to get your attention. She might even put on her lipstick in your presence. [5]See if she flashes a grin when she sees you. This could be her way of telling you that she feels safe and happy around you. A girl's interest in you can be gauged in part by how amused she is by your jokes (regardless of how funny they actually are).

Think about the big picture. A girl's body language can be read in a number of ways, and your interpretation will depend on the circumstances. A girl's brief touch on your arm while you're having a one-on-one conversation could be interpreted as flirting. The exception to this rule is if she taps you on the shoulder quickly to get your attention and inform you that your friend is looking for you.

Being Direct About Your Interest

Allow yourself to receive praise. It's a good sign that she likes you if a girl compliments you. You could be experiencing her attempt to make you feel wanted. There's a chance she'll compliment your appearance, such as by saying, “wow, your eyes are really something special” or “wow, you're really athletic; do you participate in

See how her pals react. If you notice that most of her friends are looking at you and smiling or laughing, it's likely that she has told them about you. A friend may be brave enough to tell you that one of her friends has feelings for you.When she is talking to her friends and you walk in, they may suddenly stop talking. You were probably the focus of the last conversation that ended.

Take note of her taste. In general, if a girl likes you, she will try to make a good fashion impression on you. If she wants to attract your attention, she might wear skin-baring clothes or apply lipstick.

Every woman has her own unique sense of style, and not all of them will make an effort to dress a certain way to impress a potential crush. If, however, the girl you have your eye on starts to dress a little nicer when you are around, she may be trying to make a good impression.

Think twice before responding negatively to light, playful teasing. A girl who likes you may make a few jokes about something you did or said. Teasing can take the form of gently pointing out that a joke you told wasn't funny, making fun of something you're wearing, or suggesting that you're overcompensating.


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