How to Give Someone a Hickey

  • Understanding Hickeys

The ability to identify and describe a hickey. Hickeys, also known as “love bites” or “kiss marks,” are bruises caused by sucking or biting too hard on another person's skin. Initial appearance is typically a bright red colour because of exposed blood vessels. As it heals, it will change colour to a dark purple or brown. [1]

Realize why you might feel the need to hickey someone. A person with a lot of hickeys clearly has a lot of fire in their belly. They frequently occ ur in the midst of a flurry of activity. Instead of claiming your partner as your own, hickeys are meant to be shared as a sign of physical affirmation and pleasure. [2]

Inquire about permission before taking any action. Because of the sexual connotations associated with a hickey, it should not be displayed in public. It's important to check in with the person receiving the hickey to see if it's something they're comfortable with, as some people may prefer to hide the hickey to avoid embarrassment.

Additionally, some people's moods are lowered because getting a hickey can be uncomfortable. Still, there are those who welcome this added challenge.

  • Making Your Mark

Add some suspense. Don't make the mistake I did and go straight for the hickey by diving onto your partner's neck. Kiss and French kiss for a while, and then move your lips to your partner's throat. Gentle kisses at first, then deeper, more passionate ones around the neck and shoulders. If your partner appears to be having a good time, you can probably progress to giving a hickey without further discussion.

If you've been putting off asking permission to leave a mark on your partner's skin because the word “hickey” isn't exactly the most alluring thing to whisper in their ear, now is the time to bring it up and see how they react.Hickeys are effective on all skin types and can be placed anywhere on the body. It's common to see them on the back of the neck. However, the skin on the inside of your thigh or the crook of your elbow is also very pleasant to touch.

Don't just stick the hickey in the middle of your partner's throat if you know that would make them uncomfortable; instead, ask them where they feel most at ease.If your partner has long hair, the side or back of the neck is a good choice. If not, consider going to the collarbones, closer to the shoulder, so the skin can be covered by a regular crew-neck T-shirt.

Make a small separation in your lips and rest them on the flesh. Lips should be pressed firmly against your partner's skin in a “O” shape to create a tight seal that prevents air from escaping. Instead of puckering your lips tightly, aim for a more welcoming smile. [3]

  • Hiding a Hickey

Try some concealer. A hickey can be effectively concealed with a bit of heavy makeup or concealer. Get a shade that's close to your natural skin colour and make sure to blend it in. [4]In extreme cases, you might cover up a whopper with thick, heavy stage makeup.Do yourself a favour and wrap yourself in a scarf. As a fashionable accessory that no one will question you wearing (unless it's 100 degrees outside), a scarf is your best bet when trying to hide a hickey on your neck. Wrap the scarf around your neck in a way that conceals your hickey, and check your reflection occasionally to make sure the scarf is still in place. [5]

To hide a hickey on your neck, you can wear a turtleneck (when the weather permits) or let your hair down, if it's long enough.Do what you can to hasten recovery. Since arnica cream has been shown to hasten the recovery of bruises, it stands to reason that it would also be effective in removing hickeys. Applying an ice pack, rubbing the hickey with a comb, scraping it with a coin, and covering it with toothpaste are just a few of the many home remedies said to hasten the healing process. [6]The article “How to Remove a Hickey” details these and other methods for getting rid of a hickey.


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