How Much Ways to Give Someone a Hickey

How Much Ways to Give Someone a Hickey

Appreciating Hickeys

being able to point out and explain a hickey. Love bites, or hickeys, are bruises caused by sucking or biting too hard on another person's skin. Because the exposed blood vessels give the skin a bright red colour at first glance. It will turn a dark purple or brown as it heals. [1]

You should be aware of the causes of your hickeying urges. Someone with a lot of hickeys obviously has a lot of spit and vinegar inside them. They usually occur at the most inopportune times. Hickeys aren't meant to be used as a weapon to assert dominance over a partner; rather, they're a mutually affirming and pleasurable physical gesture. [2]

It's always best to check for approval before moving forward. Displaying a hickey in public is inappropriate due to the sexual overtones that accompany the mark. It's important to ask the person getting the hickey if they're okay with it, since some people might rather cover up the mark than show it off publicly.

A hickey's discomfort can also dampen a person's spirits. However, there are people who view this as an exciting new challenge.

Put Your Stamp On It

Be more suspenseful. Don't make the same mistake I did and dive right onto your partner's neck for the hickey. Long, passionate kisses and French kisses should be followed by a move of the lips to the throat. First light kisses, then deeper, more passionate ones, especially around the neck and shoulders. If your partner seems pleased, you can probably move on to the hickey without further discussion.

If you haven't yet asked your partner for permission to leave a mark on their skin, now is the time to do so, even if the word “hickey” isn't exactly the most alluring thing to whisper in their ear.

Hickeys work well on any skin type and can be positioned in any area of the body. It's not uncommon to spot one on someone's neck. On the other hand, it feels great when you touch the skin on your inner thigh or the inside of your elbow.

If you know your partner would be uneasy if the hickey were placed in the middle of their throat, it's better to ask them where they'd be most comfortable having it placed.

A good place to kiss is the back or side of your partner's neck if their hair is long. If not, you might want to consider getting it done up to the collarbones, near the shoulder, so that a standard crew-neck T-shirt can be worn over it.

To do this, simply part your lips slightly and lay them flat on the skin. To prevent air from escaping, press your lips firmly against your partner's skin in a “O” shape. Don't try to pull your lips back into a tight pucker; instead, go for a wide, warm grin. [3]

Subtly Hiding a Hickey

Give a concealer a shot. Heavy concealer or makeup can hide a hickey well. Choose a colour that is similar to your skin tone and be sure to blend it in thoroughly. [4] In extreme cases, heavy stage makeup could be used to hide a whopper. Wrap a scarf around yourself as a favour to yourself. If you need to cover up a hickey on your neck, a scarf is a great option because it's fashionable and no one will question you for wearing it (unless it's 100 degrees outside, of course). Make sure the scarf is still around your neck after you've wrapped it around your neck to hide your hickey. [5]

If you have long enough hair, you can pull it back and hide a hickey on your neck under a turtleneck (when the weather allows it).

Help the patient get better as soon as possible. It stands to reason that arnica cream, which has been shown to speed up the healing process for bruises, would also be effective in getting rid of hickeys. Some folk remedies for hickeys include applying an ice pack, rubbing it with a comb, scraping it with a coin, and covering it with toothpaste. [6] These and other techniques for removing a hickey are described in the article of the same name.