How Instructions for a Good Private Shave

Male Private Hair Shaving

Place the guard of the electric clippers at its lowest setting. Due to the sensitive nature of the pubic region, grooming clippers are preferred over hair clippers. At the shortest guard setting on your clippers, your hair should be no longer than 0.125 inches (3.2 millimetres). [1]

You should never try to shave your pubic area without first trimming the hair, as the coarse, curly strands will get caught in the razor and yank out painfully.Instead of shaving, you can trim the pubic hair by using a higher guard setting.You can dispense with the guard entirely for an even closer shave. But this raises the possibility of abrasions, cuts, irritation, and infection. [2]

Use the clippers to carefully trim the hair around your privates. Stand tall, grasp the clippers with your dominant hand, and use your non-cutting hand to move your penis and scrotum out of the way, if necessary. Cut pubic hair in the direction it grows, which is down and away from the penis. [3] If you're having trouble trimming hair, try pulling skin taut with your free hand. It may be easier to work if you prop up one leg at a time on a chair, the toilet lid, or the side of the tub.

Remove as much of the scrotum and penis hair as you can. If necessary, after you've finished shaving or waxing the area around your genitalia, you can trim the hairs from the penis by gliding the clippers very slowly along the penis' shaft. Trim the hair from your scrotum carefully, exposing only a small area at a time with your free hand. [4]

When shaving your scrotum, use your free hand to create fairly flat, taut areas of skin. The loose skin of your scrotum could get caught in the clippers and cause serious injury if you don't. Shaving may be easier if your penis is in its natural, upright position.

Taking a Razor to the Removed Pubic Hair

You can use a comb and scissors instead of clippers if you don't have any. First, starting at the hair's perimeter near your pubic area, work the comb's teeth into a small section of hair. Maintain a flat comb against the skin and work against the hair's natural growth pattern. Before moving on to the next section, use sharp scissors to snip off the hair that is protruding past the comb's teeth. [5]Trim the hair from your scrotum and penis using the same method.

While sharp scissors are ideal here, any nicks in the skin could quickly lead to an infection, so exercise extreme caution.[6]Don't touch the comb or scissors again, and then clean them thoroughly with alcohol. A sexually transmitted disease or other infection is less likely to spread.

Relax in a hot tub for five minutes. Warm water makes it easier for the razor to cut hairs close to their roots because it relaxes the skin and the hair. A hot bath is ideal, but a warm shower will do the trick as well. [7] Shaving may be more difficult if you soak for more than 10 minutes because your skin may swell. Get in the tub and chill out after you've used electric grooming clippers to shave your pubic area.

Rub shave cream into your pubic hair. Body hair can be shaved with regular shaving cream, a shaving gel made for the purpose, or nothing at all. Spend at least two minutes massaging it into your hair with your hands. You can get softer hair and smoother skin by adding a light massage to your routine. [8]

If you like, you can apply the shaving cream with a special brush. If you don't want to risk spreading a disease like syphilis or another infection all over your body, you shouldn't use the same brush on your face and body.

To shave the area around your genitalia, be gentle and use even strokes. Get up high on the toilet seat or a nearby stool to reach the groyne. Keep a clean razor in your dominant hand and adjust your genitalia as needed with the other hand so that you can shave the hair around your penis and scrotum. Glide the razor over the hair in the direction of hair growth with even pressure. [9] Every two or three strokes, rinse the razor in clean water to clear the blade of excess hair and shaving cream.

A dull razor requires you to apply more pressure, which can cause cuts and irritation. You should only shave with a fresh, sharp razor. Don't use that razor on your face, or anywhere else on your body.

There Are Other Ways for Men to Get Rid of Pubic Hair

While drawing the skin taut will allow for a closer shave, care must be taken to avoid nicking or cutting the skin. You can get a closer shave and less stubble by using your free hand to pull the skin around your genitalia taut. But when shaving so closely, you run the risk of skin irritation, nicks, and cuts. These have the potential to cause infections. [10]

The risk of nicks and cuts when shaving closely around the genitalia can also spread sexually transmitted infections.To sum up, if you don't mind a little “5 o'clock shadow” there, there's no need to worry about getting a close shave.When shaving, do so carefully and only if necessary. It's probably not a good idea to shave here because the skin is too delicate. Apply as little pressure as you need while making smooth, even strokes with the razor over the flattened sections you created with your free hand. [12]

Only use the clippers on your penis and scrotum if you're not dead set on having a completely smooth “down there.”Is shaving your penis something you're debating doing? As a matter of personal hygiene, you can choose whether or not to shave. As much as 19 percent of men experience total pubic baldness. While roughly 60% of men prefer a hairless sexual partner, only 24% of women share this preference. [13]

Use a soothing balm or lotion after washing and drying the affected area. Shaved groynes need a good rinsing with plenty of warm water to remove any lingering razor shavings. Use a clean, soft towel to dry it off afterward. Use a fragrance- and alcohol-free, mild aftershave lotion or balm. You can reduce your risk of infection or irritation by following these instructions. [14]You can also use aloe vera or baby oil as a substitute for traditional aftershave.[15]

Try taking a warm bath for 5-10 minutes at least once a day, drying the affected area completely, and then applying aftershave if you experience a rash or irritation after shaving. If you haven't already, talk to your doctor about using OTC topical treatments (like hydrocortisone creams). You should go to the doctor immediately if you have a high temperature, a severe rash, or any open wounds that are bleeding or oozing.


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